This blog  is about putting words to the page-actualizing my creative impulses, overcoming my fears and self imposed obstacles. I’ve set my visibility to public even though I’m “not ready” so I hold myself accountable to the entire virtual world. (As if anyone will find this blog.) Nevertheless, my strategy is that my  fear of being accountable to others is larger than my fear of failure. I’ll be working on a memoir about my father, a screenplay about my mother’s life, poetry, comedy, personal essays and misc commentary. You’re right, might be better if I could focus on just one thing …we’ll see what picks up steam…I hate to admit how long it took me just to commit to a blog address and name. Yikes! Clearly not just my blog is a work in progress…

The memoir about my father is titled “counting” for reasons explained in my first post “Choices”. It is my hope that this project will bring some light and laughter to other adult children who are caring for their parents and may feel alone in it. To assure them that what they may often feel is more labor than love, counts in ways they are likely only to understand and appreciate much later.

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